“When the breath of life becomes short, you become short tempered. When the breath of life becomes long and deep, you understand who you are."

The slogan of Age of Aquarius. “I know, let me help take you there.”
Yogi Bhajan

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The 2008-2012 Theme Arc: “Carrying Us into the Aquarian Age”

A Dawn of a New Age
Yogi Bhajan was a visionary who guided us on a path of discipline and consciousness and pointed us toward the horizon of the Aquarian Age. Beyond that horizon is a new sun. It is the dawn of an Age in which we can and must reach our maturity as human beings. A time when sacredness is shown through compassion, courage is demonstrated by our character and prosperity flows from our originality and intuition.

According to Yogi Bhajan's vision, this change is gradual, radical, profound and lasting. Unlike many other changes we as humanity have gone through, this change is like the shift from adolescence to adulthood. It brings all of our capacities to fruition and gives us a chance to create a future of peace and live in creative prosperity as a united humanity. In this coming Age, we are called to embrace change – both personal and global. When we bring our Self fully present and embrace change, it becomes evolution and elevation.

The Piscean–to–Aquarian transition from 1991 to 2012 brings us fully under the pressure of change. It is a pressure on each person, each nation and each belief system. We must find our personal reality and use both our intuition and our spirit to thrive under the pressure and challenge of the times.

From 2012 to 2038 we will be sorting out a new way of living together; a new approach to sustaining our environments; a new reach into micro– and macro–worlds of technology; and a new sensitivity to knowing each other – in our depth and shallowness – in the blink of an eye.

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The following excerpt is from the great book called: Kundalini Yoga: The Flow of Eternal Power by Shakti Parwha Kaur. She is a dear friend and like a grandmother (just turned 80!) since I was a little kid.

"Unfortunately, most parents, including yours and mine, have to depend upon their instincts and the parents they learned from their parents. Most of them are not yogis. They can only guide us within the limits of their own knowledge and experience. Even with the best of intentions, their own neuroses and biases color the way they teach us to deal with ourselves and the world.

It is not only what parents say to us, but what they do and what they are that deeply affects us and forms our basic attitudes toward ourselves and everyone else. We in turn pass along this legacy to our children, consciously or unconsciously.

Your first teacher in this school of life is your mother, second is your father, third is the environment (relatives, school teachers, friends), and finally, the forth is your spiritual teacher whose job it is to correct any misconceptions you received from the first three


Your first teacher is your mother. From the 120th day following conception (it is on your 120th day that the soul actually enters the womb) through the first three years of life, your mother’s influence dominates. She is the primary, powerful, most compelling shaper of the attitudes, habits, prejudices, relationships, and self-images that usually stay with you for the rest of your life. For better or for worse, your mother’s influence is almost indelible. The umbilical cord lasts well beyond the womb. The seeds of growing up with fear of failure, or fear of success, are planted during these early years.


Your second teacher is your father. From age three to eight, his impact predominates. He is the male figure (or absence thereof) who supplies the example, the role model for a son. Dad is the archetype to imitate, to love, or to hate. Father personifies "man." For a daughter, daddy or poppa is the standard which she will compare every other man she ever meets, for better for for worse.


The third teacher enters our consciousness at about age eight, in the form of brothers and sisters, relatives, neighbors, teachers, friends. They take on a major role of influence in our lives. Peer pressure rears its ugly head, and continues to grow stronger until it becomes enormous during the teen-age years. Of course given ideal circumstances, peer pressure can be useful, supportive, and can encourage positive growth, but in most instances, it has the opposite effect.


The forth teacher is your spiritual teacher. Most people born in the West don’t really know what a "spiritual teacher" is. We suffer from a collective cultural deficiency, i.e., lack of education about the nature and function of a spiritual teacher and the necessity and important of this relationship in our lives.
Who does think he is. He has had the actual experience of confirming his identity beyond question. His mission in life is to help other people achieve that same experience. And when your soul leaves the body, he’s there to help you make the transition. He works more in the non-physical planes than on the physical.

When you go mountain climbing, you hire a guide – someone who knows the way and the technology to get you to the top without falling and breaking your neck. He tells you where to step. You have the choice of following his instructions or not. You have that same choice on your spiritual path. Your spiritual teacher is like the rope with the hook on one end that you can safely climb up on, because it’s anchored on the top. He offers himself as that rope. You have to project a link to it from your heart and then hold on! He takes on the weight of you and your karma as well as that of all the others he is helping reach the same destination. That link is never broken by the teacher, but the student has the option to let go at anytime, and many do. It is that link of the mind and heart which we create with our teacher that enables him to help us free ourselves from our past, from our pain, from our patterns of fear, jealousy, greed, and anger, which cause us so much suffering and keep us trapped in our lower consciousness. Yogi Bhajan is my spiritual teacher.

Yogi Bhajan describes the student-teacher relationship: "Like a hammer and a chisel with a stone: when they meet, the sparks fly."

The relationship of a student to a spiritual teacher has to be described in analogies, because it is fundamentally so different from any other relationship you have. The relationship is not between personalities, although to the student it can appear to be!

A spiritual teacher is like a forklift who has to come down to earth, pick you up and lift you to the height of his level of consciousness. When he meets you, how you perceive him depends on your degree of consciousness. He can play whatever role you need in order for you to evolve.

Life is a school. We can choose: We can either learn our lessons in the hands of Time or from a Teacher. Our spiritual teacher acts as a catalyst to accelerate the learning process. He saves us time (perhaps even lifetimes). He doesn’t necessarily make life easier, but he makes our growth as a spiritual being the main focus. He challenges us to fulfill our highest potential. He doesn’t, and isn’t supposed to, solve our problems for us, because that is OUR job. He gives us the tools and teaches us how to use them to cope with all the things we must face. He can suggest and recommend, but he cannot make our choices for us.

In this Aquarian Age, it is no longer adequate to know about something, we have to experience it. A spiritual teacher is not a preacher. Lots of people can give fabulous lecture and quote plenty of scripture. A spiritual teacher gives you an experience.

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The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played." Yogi Bhajan

"The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. There is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind - the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound of the universe. It is the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played".
--Yogi Bhajan

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"You have three minds and two hemispheres. The negative mind first picks up the thought and tells you what danger there is in it. The positive mind tells you what you can make out of it. The neutral mind weighs all the pros and cons of it, the longitude and latitude, and offers solutions."

"The power to cut the intellect’s unwanted thoughts is what the meditative mind is. Your power as an individual is your power to cut the intellect’s thoughts…You think all the time. You don’t stop thinking, but you can cut it. When in this way, negative is cut with a vertical line, it becomes positive, it becomes a ‘plus.’ Finally your mind becomes habitual to becoming positive and that makes you saintly."

- SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan)

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The body that we know is the physical body. In addition to this body there are other psycho-electromagnetic bodies of which we are not generally aware. Here are the ten human bodies:

1. The SOUL body:

This is the core essence of one's consciousness. The part of you which is
unchanging, non-reactive, infinite and undying. All creativity comes from here. When it functions properly we feel at peace with ourselves, filled with grace and creativity.

2. The NEGATIVE mental body:

This is the protective function of the mind which is sensitive to dangers and warns us of them. When it malfunctions, we are either worried about things that pose no real problem, or conversely, oblivious to those things which pose a real and possible threat.

3. The POSITIVE mental body:

This is the positive, solution oriented part of the mind. It inspires us by showing the best possible results in any situation. When it functions properly we are able to remain positive and look for solutions. When it malfunctions we either feel that our problems are insurmountable, or we are wildly positive where it is not necessary to be so.

4. The NEUTRAL mental body:

The neutral mind is the listening and evaluating mind. It receives input from the negative and positive minds and reaches a sane and balanced conclusion. Our courses of action is then taken using unbiased, intuitive knowledge which is the ultimate state of mind for success. When the neutral mind is dysfunctional, we are at the mercy of our positive and negative thoughts. The neutral mind establishes the balance or reference point.

5. The PHYSICAL body:

The vehicle through which we participate fully on earth. It is perfected by balance in all the physical aspects—diet, work, play, and essentially avoiding extremes like laziness or fanaticism.

6. The ARC body:

Historically depicted as the halo, arcline arches from ear to ear and is the seat of the akash, the ether, in the body. The Arc line or arc body is the antenna of the consciousness. It is the transmitter of our intuitive awareness and contains our beaming or visualization faculty. Its color varies with a person’s health and mental or psychic condition. When the arc body is strong, we have the power to create our own reality.

Women have a second arcline reaching across the chest from nipple to nipple which Yogi Bhajan says gets imprinted with the sexual experiences she has had in her life.

7. The AURA (the auric body):

The Aura,
or eighth chakra of the body, is the circumvent or protective force. It is the electromagnetic field of the physical body which surrounds every living creature. Kundalini Yoga kriyas and pranayama increase the auric field, thus increasing awareness. In yogic teachings, a woman is receptive to the penetrating quality of men. Even flirting can open holes in the aura, making a woman extremely vulnerable. A strong, radiant aura can protect from many misfortunes and strengthen our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

8. The PRANIC body:

The pranic body is the subtle energy layer that transmutes pranic energy from the environment into
life force energy. A strong Pranic body is given automatically with balance and mastery of the Negative, Positive and Neutral Minds. With a strong Pranic body we have fearlessness, youthfulness, healing power, and an innate innocence. Pranayam feeds the Pranic Body.

9. The SUBTLE body:

The subtle body is the medium of the subtle sensitivity of communication with others and with the environment. When the subtle body is working properly, one becomes immediately sensitive to nonverbal cues and to the meaning behind the words.

The Subtle Body carries the Soul to the Infinite at the time of death. It is the other Body with the Soul Body which exists after all the others have disappeared. The Mother makes all the other bodies. Often, we can project our subtle bodies beyond time and space to be at two places at once. The visions of saints and angels are their subtle bodies. It is that which although we are merged with the Infinite still exists uniquely through eternity.

10. The RADIANT body:

The radiant body is the medium of projection. It is the luminosity that embodies nobility, grace, power and leadership. When the radiant body is functioning properly it brings a natural charisma, an effortless aura of leadership and spiritual royalty. Their very presence works before a word is spoken.
(To those who are in their negative minds it can be perceived as arrogance)

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The Principle of Eleven Feet

When you put the key in the car say,
Aad Guray Nameh
Jugaad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Dev-ay Nameh

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

All that is just to give you a few seconds in space and time to be late, because time you cannot change but you can be a little late—11 feet away. It’s called the principle of 11-feet distance. If a person can be delayed in such a way, so that in space and time, they have 11 feet, the accident or incident can be avoided. But it cannot be avoided more than four times. You must remember that. So there are four chances to be delayed by 11 feet.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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The Dawning of the Age of Aquarian

By Guruka Singh Khalsa and Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa

The Aquarian Age isn’t just something that we started singing about in the sixties! It’s an actual measurable time period. It is an astrological age, i.e., a time period that parallels major changes in the development of the human race. Each astrological age roughly corresponds to the time taken for the vernal equinox to move through one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

So, how does the Aquarian Age fit into this? It takes a little over 2,100 years for our Solar System to travel through each of the Signs or constellations.

So far, humanity has recorded events in the astrological Age of Taurus, which was the time of Adam; followed by the Age of Aries, when Abraham came into the picture. Just about the time the Roman Empire rose to power, our Sun entered the constellation of Pisces. It was in this Piscean Age that Jesus was born.

The Age of Aquarius is foretold in Jesus’ words in the Aquarian Gospel, ¹ “And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky. The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the Earth is near.”

When Yogi Bhajan came to the West, the Aquarian Age was already dawning. A new consciousness was being born on Earth. We are now in the 21-year Cusp period (1991-2012), which is divided into three 7-year increments and leads up to the actual arrival of the Aquarian Age in 2012.

Yogi Bhajan explained back in November of 1991 that this period of transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age would bring increasingly greater turmoil and upheaval to the planet. All around us we can see the Piscean walls of misunderstanding and fear starting to crumble under the sheer weight of higher consciousness that is manifesting on this planet. The old Piscean Age was dominated by machines and hierarchies. The new Aquarian Age is ruled by awareness, information, and energy. Yogi Bhajan told us, “What worked before, won’t work now.” And, “Nothing can remain hidden.” We are now seeing that manifested every day. People are waking up. For some this brings fear, and for some, joy. As the Aquarian Age comes closer, the contrast between those who live in fear and those who live In love becomes more obvious every day, for the two states are mutually exclusive. As I write this, we are now less than 1000 days away from the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

For over 35 years Yogi Bhajan gave his life and energy to train teachers of Kundalini Yoga to share tools for the healing, inspiration, and personal awareness urgently needed by humanity in this critical time and space.

We do not need new choices. We are flooded with choices. We need an elevated capacity to make choices. We do not need more information. We need the wisdom to use all the information. We do not need another religion. We need the experience of a Dharma that creates the spiritual fitness to act believably on our beliefs. The Shabd Guru is a special kind of technology with a unique contribution to develop potentials and handle the problems of the new Age - the Aquarian Age. In the body it produces vitality; in the complex of the mind it awakens intelligence and develops wisdom and intuition; in the heart it establishes compassion; in each person’s consciousness it builds the clarity to act with fearless integrity. The Aquarian Age demands personal experience and the capacity to act. The Shabd Guru is available to all. You need not search. You need to practice, experience, incorporate, and express.

This article was excerpted from the soon-to-be-published book on Sikh Dharma by Shakti Parwha Kaur and Guruka Singh. The current working title is Heroes, Saints, Yogis, and People Like You and Me - Personal Adventures in Consciousness. Look for it later this year at

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Infinite Health
by Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, NM, USA

Healing Life is not about earthly outcomes, riches or a perfect body. The question I find most valuable in working with yoga students and patients is: Can you listen to and act on the voice of your soul? The simple act of not listening to that voice can lead to your fate; conversely, acting on the voice of your soul can deliver you to your destiny. You are on these parallel tracks your whole life, and at each stage in your spiritual growth the test is of greater magnitude until you are free of ego.

The job of a Spiritual Teacher is to help us overcome the trap of ego, which makes us act out of selfish personal concerns. When I was taking care of Yogi Bhajan’s physical form, I would discuss his physical health and my medical recommendations with him. He was very gracious. I can still hear his words, “Now we know the probability, let’s see what God wants.” He would figuratively sit on his hands and do nothing.

And the next day when he was fine despite my warning, he would look me in the eye, and without saying a word I could hear him say clear as a bell, “My soul is set. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do in this life. I’m not worried about my body; I'm worried about your soul.”

He taught me that ego is an illness of the soul. It causes us to act out of survival mode instead of group consciousness. And that is what we’re to heal to be healthy, happy and holy as yogis. The remedy is sacrifice and service; actions that are truly anti-ego in nature.

Siri Atma Singh Khalsa is an Internist who served as Yogi Bhajan’s personal physician, which gave him a unique perspective on yoga, healing and medicine. He currently offers Yogic Consultations by phone and leads workshops on the role of Kundalini Yoga in healing.

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Aquarian Sadhana
(Japji, yoga and meditations)
Sat 7th & Sun 8th February
at 5 - 7.30am both mornings
Live music - Donations kindly appreciated
"If you do not see God in all, you do not see God at all"
Yogi Bhajan


Unit 101- Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road - Camden - NW1 8AH

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2009 Meditation: The Water Element Narayan Kriya: Clearing and Clarity for Prosperity

Healing Posture: Easy Sitting Pose. Tuck the elbows into the body with the forearms angled up so that the hands are at the level of the Heart Center, chest width or slightly wider. The hands are in Gyan Mudra, palms up.

Eyes: 1/10th open at the tip of the nose

Mantra: Take a deep breath and sing the mantra in a monotone on one breath. Take a deep breath between each recitation of the mantra.

Sat Narayan Hari Narayan Hari Narayan Hari Hari
(Pronunciation: sut naraayun haree naraayan haree naraayan haree haree)

To End: Inhale deeply and hold. Exhale. Repeat twice more.

Time: 11 Minutes

After doing this meditation for 11 minutes, chant Wahe Guru for 3 minutes. Hands are in Gyan Mudra at the knees or relaxed in the lap, right hand resting on the left, with palms up. Chant it in a monotone long form—Wha-Hay-Guroo—with equal time given to each of the three parts of the mantra. This seals the effects of the practice.

Comments: As you hold the breath, visualize your relationships and bless, forgive and understand. Use this breath to heal these relationships; use the mantra to knit back together any tears within the fabric of your relationships.

Other Tips for Success: The 'r' is a quick, percussive sound, almost like 'duh'; the sound is dental, using the tip of the tongue against the palate, for example, the name, Tara, would be pronounced 'tu-duh'. The 'a' in many mantras sounds like a short 'u', for example, sat is pronounced like hut.

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Quote of the moment

The mind of woman is very fertile; it thinks at three levels. What she is, what she can do, and what she possibly can be. Man thinks at only one level, what he can do and where is the loss and gain in it. Man's thinking is totally different from a woman's. - Yogi Bhajan