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martedì, settembre 30, 2008

What Yoga Is Not. By: Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Dhyanapeetam

Many translate Yoga as 'union'.

Please understand, Yoga is not 'union'. It is 'uniting'. Yoga is not a noun. Yoga is a verb. Yoga is not an end result. Yoga is a process. It is a process of intense enthusiasm.

Krishna says in the Gita clearly that Yoga is what you have to be, without expectations and without attachments. It is not doing but being.

There is nothing to achieve by practicing Yoga. You will be shocked to hear this. Many people have told you that Yoga will cure you of asthma, it will cure you of chronic pain, it will cure you of high blood pressure and so on. Perhaps it does; but not because of what you practice, but because you believe.

Especially in the West, Yoga is sold as a product; either a cheap or expensive product depending on where the teacher is located. If you practice this asana they say you will be cured of this and that. It has become a prescription medicine

I saw an advertisement for an Instant Super-luxury Kundalini Yoga offered at thousands of dollars. Patanjali, who formulated the technique of Yoga, will roll in his samadhi if he comes to know! The only person who benefits is the advertiser, not the user!

t is the process of Yoga, the practice of Yoga that unites the mind body spirit system. What unites is not the exercises that you perform. This again will shock you. It is the intention. You create a memory in your muscles and that gets embedded.

It is essential to start any Yoga practice with a clear intention of what you wish; it may be health, it may be enlightenment; whatever it is make a positive intention. Before you perform the asana, the exercise, with full awareness of that intent visualize the posture you plan to adopt. Go through in your mind every single step of that asana. Then practice that asana.

Just be sitting comfortably in any position with your spine erect to allow energy flow you can derive the result of any asana through intention and visualization. This is the truth. However, this is too simple for you to believe. You need something more tangible, more strenuous to prove to yourself that Yoga works.

Then, practice Surya Namaskar, the most integrated of all Yogasana. Start with a clear intent, visualize all steps and the do the process. You need nothing more. This is what we teach in our Nithya Yoga programs. Be in Bliss!

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