“When the breath of life becomes short, you become short tempered. When the breath of life becomes long and deep, you understand who you are."

The slogan of Age of Aquarius. “I know, let me help take you there.”
Yogi Bhajan

sabato, giugno 30, 2007

Sat Kriya

1. Sit on the heels and stretch the arms over the head so that the elbows hug the ears (A).

2. Interlock all the fingers except the first ones (index) which point straight up (B).

Sat Kriya is an essential key to the processes of Kundalini Yoga. It is one of the few exercises that is a complete action in itself. That is the connotation of the word, "kriya"; an action or series of actions that completes a process and has a predictable outcome. Most kriyas consist of a series of exercises that synergize. Sat Kriya can stand alone like a precious gem. The main effect is a control and balance of the lower three chakras or energy distribution centers in the body. It does this by mixing the prana and apana at the navel center. This generates a heat in the system and opens the inner channels to the upward flow and rotation of energy. Sat Kriya also rejuvenates the sexual system and helps the brain and body to recover from toxicity and memory loss due to drug abuse. It is good for removing energy imbalances in the lower three chakras and, as a result, is good for problems in the lower back and alleviating mild depression.

A beginning student should start with 3 minutes of this every day as part of a personal practice. The times can be built up from that base.

Posture: Sit on the heels (Vajrasan asana). The heels are straight up into the buttocks, stimulating two acupuncture pressure points, one in each buttock. The knees can be slightly open. Lock in the chin; stretch the arms over the head until the elbows hug the sides of the head. Interlace all the fingers except the index fingers which are together and pointed straight up. Cross one thumb over the other.

Focus: The eyes are closed and focused at the third-eye point.

Mantra: The mantra is "Sat Nam". Chant the "Sat" from the navel point. As you chant "Sat", pull the navel point in with an obvious jerking motion. Imagine you are receiving pranic energy from God / your higher source through the navel point. Chant "Nam" and send the energy back out into the cosmos through the third-eye point.

End: Inhale, hold the breath and apply root lock, squeezing the energy up from the buttocks up the spine and out the top of your head through the "crown" or 7th chakra. Exhale, release the lock and repeat two more times. Relax in corpse pose for at least as long as you have practiced Sat Kriya. (Ideally, the relaxation is twice the length of time as you practiced this exercise.)

The rhythmic contraction and relaxation produces waves of energy that circulate, energize and heal the body. While chanting, the spine stays still and straight. This is neither a spinal flex nor a pelvic thrust. You stay firmly seated on the heels through all the motions of the kriya. The abdominal contraction is focused at the navel point. There is an automatic contraction of the rectum and the sex organ areas as in the lower body lock called "root" lock or mulabandha, but the lock is not forced and is pulled naturally from the navel.

To build Sat Kriya in time and effect, start with rotation cycles: 3 minutes of Sat Kriya with three minutes of relaxation. Repeat this cycle 3 to 5 times. Build gradually. Then switch the cycle to 5 minutes Sat Kriya and 5 minutes rest. You can then add 3 to 5 minutes to the kriya time as you are comfortable until you are able to do an entire 31 minutes.

KY exercise miracle bend

What It Will Do for You

This exercise is called “Miracle Bend.” It adjusts the navel point and helps bring an emotional and angry person to calmness. 1f the spine were bent to 90° and the breath were four times per minute, it would also totally calm you, but it would take a very long time, whereas this exercise takes only a short while. There will be a strong and automatic tendency to shake in the posture.

How to Do It

In a standing position with knees and heels together, feet are flat on the ground and angling out to the sides for balance, arms are raised straight overhead close to the ears with the palms facing forward. The thumbs can be locked together.

Keeping the legs straight, bend back from the base of the spine 20°. The head, spine, and arms form an unbroken curve with the arms remaining in a line with the ears (1).

Hold the posture and keep the breath long, deep and gentle. Continue for 2 minutes.

From this position, very slowly bend forward to the maximum extent keeping the arms straight and close to the ears (2). Inhale and with the breath held in as long as possible, pump the navel point. Then exhale and do the same on the held exhale. Continue this process for 2 minutes.

KY meditation to prevent aging

What It Will Do for You

To brighten your auric light, have a radiant face and prevent yourself from aging, practice this meditation.

How to Do It

Sit straight in easy pose. Chant the Mul Mantra, inhaling completely before each phrase:

EK ONG KAR; SAT NAAM; KARTA POORKH (let the whole breath go through the nose); NIR BHAO; NIR VAIR; AKAL MOORT; AJOONEE; SAIBHUNG; GUR PRASAAD; JAP (let the whole breath go through the nose); AAD SASHSHHH (releases breath with a hiss); JUGAAD SACHSHHH (releases breath with a hiss); HAI BHEE SACHSHHH (releases breath with a hiss); NAANAK HOSEE BHEE SACHSHHH (releases breath with a hiss).

Each time you inhale you must do so to your maximum capacity and each phrase must use the entire breath. On words like AKAAL MOORT, where the sopund isn't reaslly extended, release the breath through the mouth with a light "uhh..." sound. On KARTA POORKH and JAP, release the breth through the nose. This is the whole secret: the last 4 phrases are ended with the breath released through the mouth like the sound of a hissing snake.

Chant for a minimum of 11 minutes a day for 40 days. Since each person has a different lung capacity, this meditation should be done individually instaed of in a group.

Note: This is one of five meditations given specifically “to prepare for the gray period of the planet and to bring mental balance.”