“When the breath of life becomes short, you become short tempered. When the breath of life becomes long and deep, you understand who you are."

The slogan of Age of Aquarius. “I know, let me help take you there.”
Yogi Bhajan

domenica, gennaio 21, 2007

Ten Bodies

1. Soul Body - everlasting and beyond time and space - your essence
2. Positive mind - collects information and analyzes how you can use it to move your projects forward, to accomplish and be optimistic
3. Negative Mind - helps you see what you need to avoid in order to move forward
4. Neutral Mind - the jewel of the mind, the yoga mind, that lives a "mutual life," that has relationship without attachment — your mind working in a balanced way that sees reality and experiences win-win negotiations
5. Physical body -the temple of your spirit
6. Arc line - your integrity manifested in your energy, like your halo, that holds the imprint of your past actions -on which your destiny is said to be "written" and visible to those who can perceive it
7. Aura - your projection of light and energy, changing subtly with each thought vibration, action, feeling — represents your consciousness
8. Pranic body -the circulatory system of your Ten Bodies and your Chakras, or your energy level - allows you to receive energy from the universe, transform it into more subtle vibrations, thoughts, actions, and creativity
9. Subtle body - surrounds your soul and gives you the experience of detail and perception in the subtlest realms
10. Radiant body - your non-local experience that gives you the capacity to sense what is happening far away, as well as within range of your hearing, sight, smell, and touch — the expansiveness you feel when you have strong ability to travel in mind and sensation beyond time and space

You may believe that you have one body to care for, but, in fact, each of us has ten bodies. The physical body is just one of those bodies. The other nine are: the soul body, the three mental bodies (negative mind, positive mind and neutral mind), the arc line, the aura, the pranic body, the subtle body and the radiant body. Each of the ten bodies is significantly interactive with the others. When we see the human form as composed of ten bodies, we can understand the dynamic interactive nature of the different aspects of our humanness and optimize their function and health through yoga.
The soul is our timeless body that contains our being, consciousness and personality. The negative mind calculates risk. The positive mind calculates benefit. The neutral mind compares risk and benefit. (The mind is always calculating, isn’t it?) The arc line is the halo around us that guides and controls our aura. The aura is the electromagnetic body that protects us from other people’s negativity, gives us extra sensitivity to our environment and acts as a filter in both our internal and interpersonal communication. The pranic body gives life to the physical body and is connected to it through the breath. The subtle body is connected to the soul body and gives us the capacity to learn quickly and relate to the nuances of life. Finally, the radiant body gains its radiance from the activity of the other bodies, and when it is well proportioned is perceived as courage and has magnetic attraction.

Siri Atma Singh Khalsa M.D.