“When the breath of life becomes short, you become short tempered. When the breath of life becomes long and deep, you understand who you are."

The slogan of Age of Aquarius. “I know, let me help take you there.”
Yogi Bhajan

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Global Meditations

Yogi Bhajan Remembrance Day October 6

Eleven day meditation (until Guru Ram Das Birthday Anniversary) begins September 28 and coincides with Guru Ram Das's birthday meditations The light of Yogi Bhajan's spiritual essence continues to bless all humanity. On this day every year, we remember Yogi Bhajan and celebrate his life. Beginning September 28, come together each evening to chant Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru for 31 minutes.

Guru Ram Das Birthday Anniversary October 9

Eleven day meditation begins September 29 and this year coincides with Yogi Bhajan's Remembrance meditations The birthday of Guru Ram Das, the Lord of Miracles and spiritual guide of Yogi Bhajan, is on Monday, October 9. The 11 days leading up to his birthday is a very powerful time for fulfillment of our prayers and meditations - a time of blessing. Beginning September 29, 11 days before the birthday, come together each evening in each other's homes to chant Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru for 11 to 31 minutes, or longer On October 9, we celebrate with a special Sadhana (spiritual practice) in the amrit vela (early morning of 3AM - 6AM) of 2.5 hours by reciting Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru.

In many communities it is our tradition to have a Gurdwara (place of worship) on Guru Ram Das' birthday and bring a 'wish-and-a-dish' lungar (communal free kitchen). Yogi Bhajan has described this occasion as a unique time to have our prayers and 'wishes' fulfilled.

Healing Recipe

Old-Fashioned Root Beer
For a delicious cooling drink, try this “old-fashioned” recipe. Sarsaparilla is a great blood purifier. It is said to be helpful in cases of rheumatism, skin disorders, sexual impotence, general weakness, and to detoxify the body after taking a strong poison. (Do not attempt to use as an antidote.) It is also used as a natural stimulant of the male and female sex hormones.

7 cups honey2 Oz. (1/4 cup) Sarsaparilla extract4 ½ cups warm watersparkling water.

To make the syrup, dissolve honey and sarsaparilla in very warm water and stir until thoroughly blended. Add 2 Tbsp. of syrup to sparkling water and drink.

From Foods for Health and Healing Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan © The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

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Comments about the last workshop in Italy

'The best thing in the course is that we were encouraged (sic) to be very friendly and open to each other.

The course was very good...the food was very very good...All the rooms were really nice...the view from the windows opens to the hills and the lake with beautiful sunsets.

I really liked sadhana. (sic) most of the mornings after sadhana I felt a lot of energy and ready for action.' Jovita

'Friendliness and acceptance. Instantly felt relaxed and welcome...wonderful music...General overall 'vibe' is very positive with no ego... Surpassed all that I expected.' Rohit

'I wouldn't change anything...The food was excellent...The house absolutely beautiful and spacy...I've seen so many beautiful places during the stay...' Greta

'Food was perfect. Accomodation was perfect. Location was perfect too.' Ilona

Sikhism - Sikh Women

Role and Status of Sikh Women
Sikhism - Sikh Women

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Ashram Sadhana

Ashram Sadhana

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International Day of Peace

On September 21st, 2006 the world will celebrate an International Day of Peace. The United Nations designated this special day to non-violence and invites all governments and citizens of the world to support this peace initiative through education, meditation, and peaceful action.

3HO is a Non-Governmental Organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and extends this invitation specifically to our worldwide Kundalini Yoga Community. As 3HO is committed to the excellence of the individual and the elevation of humanity through the technologies of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and conscious living, we urge all communities, yoga centers, families, and individuals to dedicate September 21st to peace and healing through education, meditation, and prayer. We invite your creativity. Consider planning an event at your yoga center, or dedicate your sadhana or yoga class to peace, or visit your child’s school to include the participation of children in this worldwide event.

Meditation SuggestionsSuggestions for meditations include:
• 11 – 31 minutes of the Healing Meditation:Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung
• 11 – 31 minutes of Yogi Bhajan’s mantra for peace:
Mantra of PeaceLet there be Peace, Let there be Peace of mind, Let there be Peace with mankind, Let there be Peace of the States, Let the world dwell within the force of Peace
Ajai, Alai,Abhai, Abhai, Abhoo, Ajoo, Anaas, Akaas,Agunj, Abhanj, Alak, Abhakh, Akaal, Dayal, Alaykh, Abhaykh, Anaam, Akaam, Agaah, Adhaah, Anaat’hay, Pramaat’hay, Ajonee, Amonee, Na Raagai, Na Rangai, Na Roopai, Na Raykai, Akarmang, Abharmang, Aganjay, Alaykhay
Yoga - 3HO Foundation - Kundalini Yoga Classes

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more photos of Positano...

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Sex Life

If you whant to know abouth, clic here Sex Life

The Yoga Show

The Yoga Show

15th 16th 17th September 2006 Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London

See You Them...

Siri Atma S.

3HO Community


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Pranayama, Breathing Exercise, Walking Breathing

Walking Breathing exercise is done in exactly the same way as Rhythmic Breathing except that you do it while walking. Use each step as a count, as the pulse beat used in Rhythmic Breathing.
Stand erect, exhale first, then start walking, right foot first. Take four steps while inhaling, hold the breath in for two steps, exhale for four steps, and hold the breath out for two steps. Without stopping, continue the routine: inhale on four steps, hold the breath in for two steps, and so forth. Do not interrupt the walking-keep it rhythmical. The breathing should be done in one continuous flow: do not inhale in four short breaths, a mistake which many beginners tend to make. Inhale one deep breath to the count of four, hold it to the count of two, exhale it to the count of four, and again hold the emptiness to the count of two. This completes one round. Make five such rounds a day the first week-no more-adding one round per week.
If you feel that four steps are too long for you, count three steps and hold one. If, on the contrary, four are not enough and you feel you want to continue the inhalation, take six steps or even eight, and hold the breath on a count of three or four steps respectively. In either case, you should take an even number of steps while breathing in and out, as the retention is done in half the time taken for inhalation or exhalation.
You can do the Walking Breathing exercise at any other time while you are exercising, walking, especially when the air is clean-in a park, a forest, or at the seashore. You can do it while walking to your car or bus, descending a staircase, on your way to pick up your mail from the letter box, during a coffee break in your office, in fact, wheneve"

Pranayama, Breathing Exercise for good posture

This is an excellent exercise for the waistline or a weak back, but even more for stooped shoulders. It should be taught to all children at home and at school to counteract their tendency to slouch, for slouching, in addition to being ugly, develops a bad and unhealthy posture as it prevents the lungs from expanding as they should. It is a great exercise for beginners along with alternate nostril breathing described below.
Stand straight with feet together. Put your hands behind your back and interlock the fingers, palms upward. Now turn the palms down. This will automatically give a twisting movement to your elbows.
Inhale deeply, then bend forward, while exhaling, at the same time raising the arms until they are stretched out. Do not bend the elbows, which should remain straight throughout. Keep your head down, trying all the while to swing your arms a bit higher and higher.
Remain a moment in this position, holding your breath; then slowly return to the standing position without unlocking your fingers. Repeat the whole exercise two or three times.
Another version is done in a kneeling position. The procedure is the same, except that here you bend over until your forehead touches the floor."


Ayurveda: A Brief Introduction and Guide

Meditations Given by Guru Dev Singh for These Times of Crisis

Meditations Given by Guru Dev Singh for These Times of Crisis

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Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a drink, which is a great help for stiff joints as it is an anti-inflammatory, and is asource of lubrication for the system. This is the recipe used bypractitioners of yoga who have creaking joints, lots of cracking, andpain in the knees and back from sitting in a cross-legged position. Itis also really great for those who simply have a need for a deep,healing sleep. Your sleep may be so rejuvenating that your voice may bedeeper and more resonant in the morning. The turmeric is good for manyailments including liver trouble.

It is prepared in two parts:
(1) Prepare a golden yellow turmeric paste by taking a 2.5 to 3 TBs ofturmeric powder to 1 cup of pure water and simmer on low heat for 8 minutes. Itwill form a thick paste. There is an important reaction that takes placeat 8 minutes. This will keep for 2 weeks in a jar in the refrigerator.
(2) After the paste is made, once daily for 40 days, for each cupof Golden Milk you want, blend together1 cup of raw milk (almond milk is a good substitute)1 teaspoon of almond oil (best), sesame or any vegetable oil,1/4 to 1 teaspoon, or more, of the turmeric paste as prepared above and then add honey to taste at the very end.While stirring on a low heat, bring the milk just to the boiling point. Remove from heat and add honey.

Optional: The mixture may be then blended in an electric blender to make abeautiful foamy drink. I recommend serving with a little cinnamon and/or a few dashes of nutmeg. Pretend you're at Starbucks.

Word of the day: Ahimsa

Ahimsa is the main principle of mental health because it removes the basis for the negative emotions to flourish in the mind. It is the main principle of social health because it cuts off the root of social conflict, which is violence stemming from hatred,anger and resentment. Ahimsa, however, is not simply passivity or resignation. Sometimes we must act in a strong or decisive way to prevent harm from occurring, as in the action of a true warrior and defender of dharma. To protect others is another aspect od ahimsa, not often properly understood. It is the basis of the Kshatriya Dharma, the Vedic way of the warrior or heroic spirit.

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