“When the breath of life becomes short, you become short tempered. When the breath of life becomes long and deep, you understand who you are."

The slogan of Age of Aquarius. “I know, let me help take you there.”
Yogi Bhajan

mercoledì, aprile 26, 2006


Sat Nam
We have about 4000 nerve endings at the tips of our fingers. That is what makes mudras (yoga for the fingers) so effective, because the nerve endings are connected with organs and can influence them, relax, stimulate or balance them, depending on the individual need.There are more than 100 mudras; we want to introduce you to some of them.Anywhere you go, while on a break, sitting at a red light while in your car, waiting at the checkout, at your office or home, you can recharge your battery. The mudras are easily learned and with a little practice you can do them at any time and place:

Gyan Mudra
This mudra is the one that you will use most often, since it encourages receptivity and calm, helpful attributes in any practice. To form it, press the tip of the thumb together with the tip of the index finger. This stimulates your knowledge and ability. Jupiter, the planet representing expansion, symbolises the energy of the index finger. The thumb represents the individual ego, which is often stuck and resistant. When you apply the energy of expansion to the ego it opens more readily to new knowledge and experience.

If the breathwork or exercise you are doing is particularly powerful or dynamic, you may want to use the active form of the mudra. In this case, curl the index finger and press the pad of the thumb on the fingernail and the area just below it.

Shuni Mudra
This mudra is said to give patience and discernment. The planet associated with the middle finger is Saturn which represents the taskmaster, or the law of karma, and thus, the taking of responsibility and the courage to hold to your duty. To form shuni mudra press the tip of your middle finger on the tip of your thumb.

Surya Mudra
This mudra may also be called "ravi mudra". To form it place the tip of the ring finger on the tip of the thumb. This practice helps to revitalize your energy, increase the strength of your nerves and encourage good health generally. The ring finger has the quality of both the Sun (energy, health, sexuality) and Uranus (nervous strength, intuition and the ability to adapt to change).

Buddhi Mudra
In buddhi mudra the tip of the little finger is pressed to the tip of the thumb. This helps open the capacity to communicate clearly and intuitively. It may also stimulate psychic development. Mercury is the planet associated with the little finger, symbolising quickness and the power of the mind to communicate.

Venus Lock
This is another frequently used mudra. The venus mound is the fleshy area at the base of the thumb. It is associated with the planet Venus, a symbol of sensuality and sexual energy. This mudra channels your sexual energy and promotes glandular balance. It is often used with the hands resting in the lap during meditation to make it easier to focus. To form venus lock hold your hands in front of you with the palms facing each other and interlace the fingers. The left little finger is on the bottom if you are a man. If you are a woman the right little finger is on the bottom. The left (right for women) thumb tip rests on the webbing at the base of the opposite thumb. The right (left for women) thumb tip presses the outer edge of the venus mound on the opposite hand.

Prayer Pose
This mudra is always used to center yourself before beginning a kriya. It is the familiar pose in which the palms are held flat together in the middle of the chest, neutralising the positive (right or male) and the negative (left or female) sides of the body. It is universally used for prayer.

Jupiter Mudra
With the two index fingers together, the power of Jupiter, or good luck and expansion is activated. Together they focus your energy to break through barriers.

Bear Grip
This mudra stimulates the heart and intensifies concentration. Place the left hand in front of the chest with the palm facing out and the thumb down. Bring the right hand in front of the chest with the palm facing the chest and the thumb up. Hook the fingers of both hands together and pull with a moderate pressure.

Buddha Mudra
Another common mudra for meditation is simply resting the hands in the lap, one over the other, with the palms up. Right hand rests on left for men, left on right for women, palms up, thumbs tips touching each other in a receptive gesture.

The hands are both input and output devices for the body/mind. Mudras are techniques for using the hand's input function to deliver a clear, specific message to your mind/body energy system. The hand is not just a convenient pair of pliers. The motions that we make and the postures that we form with our hands resonate deeply throughout our bodies and minds and form patterns that persist in our brains. Our developing nervous systems are imprinted by the vectors and sensations of these first forays into physical space. Our instinct to mould and create our worlds is directly attached to the feeling and energy of our hands. We manipulate our surroundings. I only have to read the words "mould" and "create" for my hands to start heating up. I feel as if I am about to physically shape something with them even if the form I intend is not physical. I shape my ideas, at least in part, with my hands. As evidence of this, notice how our ongoing flow of feeling, moods and ideas is accompanied by a continuous subtle dance of hand gestures in which the hands show forth, play with, and shape the energy we are expressing as eloquently as our words or our facial expressions do. Left to their own devices the hands will move according to their habit and no new patterns will be formed, rather the old ones will be reinforced. When you use a mudra you apply a new pattern from outside your current mindset, and this opens a door for your mind. Each area of the hand reflexes to a different area of the body or the brain. Each area also represents different emotions or behaviours. The intricate web of lines on the palm is an energy map of our consciousness and health. In short, the hands are intimately connected with the nervous system and brain and the way that we hold them and move them sends waves through our bodies and our energy fields. By curling, crossing, stretching, and touching fingers to other fingers and areas we can effectively talk to the body and mind.

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