“When the breath of life becomes short, you become short tempered. When the breath of life becomes long and deep, you understand who you are."

The slogan of Age of Aquarius. “I know, let me help take you there.”
Yogi Bhajan

giovedì, marzo 30, 2006

Kundalini Yoga classes mantras

Adi Mantra:
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

“ONG creative energy, NAMO to call on or to bow, GURU wisdom or teacher, DEV subtle or etheric“ (I call upon Divine Wisdom).
The Adi Mantra connects us to the "Golden Link" of teachers who have passed on these teachings throughout time.
Take a deep breath in and chant Ong Namo, then take a half breath in from the mouth and chant Guru Dev Namo. "O" of Ong is held short, "ng" is held long, while vibrating the sound in the nasal and sinus area. The word "Dev" is chanted a minor third interval higher than the other sounds. The entire mantra is chanted three times.

Mangalacharan Mantra:
Aad Guray Namay
Jugaad Guray Namay
Sat Guray Namay

Siri Guru Devay Namay

"NAMAY I call on, GURAY the wisdom, AAD that was in the beginning, JUGAAD that exists through all the age, SAT the true, SIRI the great, DEVAY divine" (is chanted for protection.)

Long Time Sun:
May the long time sun shine upon you,
all love surround you,
and the pure light within you,
guide your way on.

Bij (seed) Mantra:
Sat Nam
“Sat means the truth. Nam means name, identity” (Truth is my identity)

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